Despre Exportpages

For more than 17 years, exportpages has been following the guiding principles of
"Finding partners, retaining partners, optimising business relations - in Europe, all over the world".

Via digital communication channels, entrepreneurs, companies and service providers are more easily addressed,
supported and networked.

These contacts are established faster and more directly. The acquisition of new customers and the development
of qualified supply sources are also made possible by digital marketing and digital communication.

Large companies invest large sums of money in the digital presence of company presentations, service
advertising and digital sales strategy. All linguistic and psychological features are offered and evaluated,
strategies developed and markets controlled.

However, small and medium-sized companies often lack the time and especially the money to develop their own
marketing strategies, operate a web shop, have translations done, communicate with business partners in their
own language and finance professional support.

In addition, a lack of advice and the necessary logistics often poses a problem. The organisation of delivery and
procurement from and to other countries often ends up with the difficult import/export and foreign exchange
regulations and lack of advice.

exportpages global meets these challenges and offers solutions!

Starting in 2020, exportpages will operate service and sales companies in 8 core countries around the world.
Staffed, with local qualified business managers, opening global opportunities for all companies in the world, in
all directions.

Each country has its own cultural characteristics...

exportpages makes its contribution by taking into account the cultural specifics and trade regulations through
sales and service offices in the respective local economic areas. Interested partners can be advised in their own
language, receive assistance in the presentation of the offer, integrate their company data, services and products
in their own language.

These economic reports from the respective countries serve as an important instrument to familiarise future
business partners with the economic environment of the partner and to identify the needs and market
opportunities for their own services and products. Furthermore, exportpages works together with local
associations and institutions.

"The boundaries of my language mean the boundaries of my world".

This sentence of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein loses its validity with exportpages.

In order to overcome the language barrier, this is possible in the respective national language of both partners.
So if you don't want to rely on English alone for communication, because this could lead to misunderstandings,
you can use one of the offered languages. His partner will then receive this request, also in his national language.
This makes it much easier for the Portuguese manufacturer and the interested Japanese buyer if they
communicate without language barriers. An important point in retail!

Visible all over the world...

With exportpages you can develop markets without language or cultural barriers. Especially because every
country and every market has its own culture and different customs. Many companies are working intensively
on entry possibilities into new markets. What exportpages does is an intelligent solution for far-sighted
companies and entrepreneurs to take effective online measures in times of global change and competition. Thus
the Polish furniture manufacturer can present its products worldwide, in different languages, in great detail,
becomes visible. Also e.g. for the Spanish hotel furnisher who is looking for furniture for his hotel.

The use of useful search filters enables interested parties to find the best possible partner for their needs. This
partner does not always have to be the cheapest. A good quality, quick availability or the reliability, competence,
are among other things a component and condition for the partner selection.

Only a few companies have already placed the technical term for their products and services on their homepage
in all relevant languages and ensured that the major search engines classify the terms and the environment as
relevant and list them on the front pages of the search results.

exportpages ensures through extensive "Search Engine Optimization", in short SEO measures, that the company
is found on the front pages of the most popular search engines. This is often only affordable for small and
medium-sized companies at a high financial cost, but is very important for the findability of the offer. You can
currently reach over 90% of the world market and business partners in over 180 countries with exportpages,
whereby the business region can be precisely determined by the selected languages.


Real people work at exportpages service and sales companies, on site and inform, show solutions. Among other
things with forwarding and customs handling questions. How do I get my goods from the Netherlands to Spain?
Exportpages creates solutions at all levels, through communication and organisation.


Partners registered with exportpages are informed with statistics about who from which region, for what or
whom is interested. A variety of statistics modules can be called up in the customer account. Which products are
currently in demand in which country? Where do most visitors come from? How are media such as PDF and video
used? In which languages are companies whose products are most frequently searched for and profiles accessed?
Graphically displayed long-term comparisons quickly provide a good overview. With the statistical analysis of
searches, exportpages provides its partners with another important tool.

Become a partner...

The registration and the first entry on exportpages are uncomplicated. Every company can start at a fixed price,
present itself, add articles or search for partners on the global marketplace, offer services, communicate.

With the company entry, all companies can present themselves in detail in different languages and inform
potential partners about themselves and their products with product descriptions, product images, PDF
documents, videos, company and contact data, or search for equipment / material / production capacities /
articles / orders / business contacts etc.

The use of our platform is subject to a fee and is activated with codes.
The brand name " exportpages " is protected by law.

An "accessories list" for special services such as finance, transport and customs matters, credit checks and
especially for professional contacts to associations and institutions will be available soon.

Get information about current special conditions for activation codes from your association or service
partner !